What to Do in Kosovo?

kosovoIf you think there is nothing to do in Kosovo, you’re completely wrong. Despite being a small country, it houses a lot of beautiful tourist spots, mostly tied to the country’s history. Here are some of the most interesting things you could do in this European country.

Visit the Ethnographic Museum of Kosovo

Established in 1963, the Ethnographic Museum of Kosovo showcases a number of well-preserved structures that exists from 1700s-1800s. All of the buildings of the said museum exhibit over 50 thousand items. Basically, it narrates the life in the country from the 15th century, up until the 20th century. Currently, it is located in the old parts of the city of Priština. The centerpiece of this museum is the Hynesha në Fron, which represents the Sitting Goddess of Tjerrtorja, which is the city’s emblem.

Experience Adventure in the Region of Rugova

Rugova, or also known as the Albanian Alps is the Mountainous region of Kosova. A very ethnographically diverse part of Kosovo, it is also a great place for hikers, skiers, mountaineers, paragliders, and even people who just want to have a picnic in the said area. Adventurers will definitely love the place for Rugova is very rich in many kinds of landforms, including caves, waterfalls, glacial lakes, high mountain peaks and even tunnels.

One of the many companies that provide great experience for tourists is the “Rugova Experience”. They provide homestays in mountain villages and host trekking tours. They also have a great English-speaking staff to help you with what you need.

Feel Like an 11th Century Royalty in the Fortress of Kaljaja

Also known as the Prizren Fortress, the Kaljaja Fotress can be found on a hill above the Prizrenska Bristrica in the region of Prizren. It may be a hassle going travelling to the fortress, but as soon as you arrive in the place, you know that it was definitely worth it. Over years, a lot of improvements were made to keep the place well-preserved. It also houses a small museum with historic photos to keep you entertained and indulged into its history. You will also enjoy the view from the fortress and take photos of the beautiful view of the city.

Bring Your Family to Kosovo’s Gërmia Park

The Gërmia National Park is currently one of the biggest parks in the city of Pristina. This regional park is covered with pine trees on both sides and provide recreational possibilities for you to be able to do fun activities like swimming in its big pool. There are also areas for other activities such as basketball, jogging, skiing and many more.

If you feel hungry, there are also several restaurants you can pick, serving different types of delicious food.

Have a Spiritual Tour in the Mosque of Sinan Pasha

Built in 1615, the Mosque of Sinan Pasha is one of the most beautiful mosques in Prizren. The mosque is a significant feature in the town’s skyline. In 1990, it was declared to be a Monument of Culture of Exceptional Importance by the Republic of Serbia. Aside from being a holy ground, it is also a museum of oriental manuscripts. There has been a lot of renovations made to this mosque, keeping it well-preserved.

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